Saturday, March 7, 2015

My super awesome Ice house/fort

I cut the tops off of the large 4 L milk jugs and filled them up with water and food colouring outside on the deck. My boys and I made the first few ice blocks on New Year's Eve and have been making more blocks ever since. Usually it only takes one night to freeze the water but some days I was too busy to make news ones, some days it was just too cold to go outside (-40 Celsius) and we even had a few days at -5 that took more than one night to freeze. I also used the smaller milk cartons and large juice tetra pack containers but they could only be reused one or twice before the freezing ice busted the container. The plastic milk jugs will last 8 or 9 nights, and even longer if it is a slower freeze. I also did one large batch of water frozen in plastic ziplock bags but didn't like the shape as much when building and also could not reuse the bags at all. to build the ice house I made some slush in pails with water and snow and used it as a cement to stick the blocks together (the snow was way to cold and dry on it's own to stick together)